Food for Thought

Breakfasts on the go, picnic lunches and sustaining coffees won’t only feature in the buyers’ queue for Stewarts Law RCA Secret 2015, as food and feasting have also provided a rich source of inspiration for the artists and designers this year.

Among the 3,000 postcards, there is a line drawing of the perfect latticed pie, three limes in a row casting complementary shadows, an aspirational to-do list features a firm ‘don’t eat sugar’, a chocolate Father Christmas lies shrouded in a feather trim, there is a screen-grabbed baked potato, and an upside-down bagel parked on a double yellow line.


A deconstructed banana is ‘split’ into four squares, a photograph of a whole pig’s head is plastic-wrapped and ready for sale, and a toy tea set comes complete with nibbled biscuits.


Elsewhere a drinks can is crushed flat onto the surface of a postcard, a tea cup balances on a cyclist’s head, and traffic-light toned tarts sit seductively on a spotty plate. One statement proclaims the quantity of bacteria on the average kitchen door handle, while another states ‘Ham rug, slung over a wall’, suggestively stoking the imagination. Slabs of sliced cold cuts sit meatily by an incongruous iron, foil-wrapped after-dinner chocolates spill like pound coins from a mannequin’s severed hand, and cherries overflow from a rose-print tea cup.


One series of teeth-marked postcards seems to have provided some sustenance for the artist, bearing the evidence of their bites. In collage, restrained in her domestic corner, a scantily clad woman offers treats from her biscuit tin skirt and cookie headdress. One very thoughtful contributor has even provided a recipe card for Marinated Chicken with Pomegranates, Walnuts and Watercress Salad.


If that has whetted your appetite, don’t miss your chance to pick up a postcard of your own. Saturday 21 March 2015 is sale day – if you’re planning to queue, don’t forget your packed lunch and flask of hot tea.