What Exactly IS a Postcard?

You think you know what a postcard is? You may be thinking of a printed card with a souvenir image; something pinned to your wall or slipped between the pages of a book to keep your page; a charming space where friends and family can exercise their little-used handwriting to ‘wish you were here’.

Think again.

Over the past 21 years, Stewarts Law RCA Secret has continuously reinvented the postcard, with contributing artists employing an array of unexpected materials and techniques to create pieces that span three dimensions, from gentle relief to the impressively sculptural.

Previous exhibitions have included works in soft pink wax, thickly applied paint, resin and plaster, intricately folded paper, carefully executed embroidery, glazed ceramics and delicately cast metalwork, reflecting the full spectrum of creativity nurtured by the RCA.

Found objects, including two halves of a stuffed rat, a doorbell and a working ‘spy camera’, have tested the resolve of even the sturdiest postcards. Elsewhere artists have played with our sense of scale, populating mini-masterpieces with tiny figures and fashioning their cards into diminutive buildings.

Visit this year’s exhibition, and we promise you that you’ll never look at a postcard in the same way again.